The CADEG is a gigantic supply center, with an area of 100,000 m²...
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CADEG Stores
No Supply Center of the State of Guanabara you can find by phone...
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CADEG Flowers
The CADEG market, in Benfica, is a living example of what we can call...
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The Centro de Abastecimento do Estado da Guanabara ( CADEG ) is today the Municipal Market of RJ. This title was granted by the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro two years ago, by decree to the Market, which was inaugurated in 1962. Built to receive the merchants of the former Praça XV Market Company, the space was an immediate success and in recent years has been modernized and received well-deserved investments in its infrastructure.

CADEG occupies an area of ​​100,000 m². With 714 stores and rooms, it comprises several segments of commerce and services with national and imported products, such as cod, cereals, vegetables, vegetables, fresh fruits, pulp, dairy products, beverages, disposables and decoration, thus standing out as a reference in the wholesale market. for gastronomy professionals since its foundation.

CADEG Flowers, Wines and Cod

It is known as the largest flower distributor in the state with more than 120 participating producers who supply their products directly to merchants and the retail public. Another flagship of the place is cod! The fish has an average sales volume of 20 to 30 tons per month, rising to an incredible 300 tons in December! In fact, CADEG is the biggest point of sale for fish in Rio.

But it’s not just flowers and cod that the Market is a reference. Gastronomy is also one of the highlights for the variety and quality of its restaurants – which are around 20 – and, of course, for the well-known gastronomic festivals, which have taken place since 2013. It is no wonder that, every month, CADEG it attracts an average of 10,000 people a day and generates around 5,000 jobs.

Today CADEG has several wine stores that have gained fame, the Market has become a mandatory stop for drink lovers. There you will find wineries and stores with a varied stock of national and imported wines, with explanatory service where it is possible to know and learn more about each label and vintage.

Municipal Market of Rio de Janeiro Landmark

The Municipal Market of Rio that takes the name of CADEG is considered a tourist spot in Rio de Janeiro, all because of the large commercial space where you can find practically everything with a lot of variety and an affordable price. The place is great to spend a pleasant afternoon shopping for fruits, flowers, grains and, of course, strolling through the shops and restaurants where you can find meats, wines, sweets and much more.

If you enjoy eating cod, CADEG is “THE” place for you. There is no shortage of bars, restaurants and grocery stores (to take away and make at home) that serve fish from the cold northern seas. The best time to enjoy CADEG is autumn/winter, when temperatures are milder. Although some establishments have air-conditioned rooms, the fun thing is to stay at the tables in the aisles to enjoy the atmosphere of the market, an experience that in the heat of the carioca summer can make the program a little unpleasant.

Every Saturday, from 1 pm to 6 pm, CADEG takes on the air of Lisbon with an authentic Portuguese party, with flags in the decoration and grilled cod accompanied by vinho verde to the sound of the concertina, a kind of Portuguese accordion, singing songs from beyond. sea. And it is the instrument that christens Cantinho das Concertinas, the restaurant that organizes the weekly event, which began as a simple gathering of family and friends of the Portuguese owner.

Today, the party and the restaurant are a reference in the city, not only for their traditional Portuguese music, but also for their famous codfish balls, considered the best in Rio. Grilled cod, sardines, febras (pork steak), in addition to the very Brazilian galeto, all accompanied by boiled potatoes, campaign sauce and bread, complete the dry menu. The beer, ice-cold, is an option on the Portuguese wine list at honest prices. The atmosphere is simple, no frills and super lively.

CADEG Parking

The Municipal Market of Rio de Janeiro – CADEG, always aiming at the best for its customers, has also been investing more and more in its infrastructure. In addition to the large parking lot with 700 spaces, the construction of the new floor generated an increase of 150 more at the end of 2014 and they were named G1, G2 and G3. The parking lot is now all signposted and, in the covered area, lit by LEDs, in addition to being fully automated. To complete the structural part, CADEG has modern escalators and elevators, loading and unloading facilities, a specialized cleaning team, and three bathroom points.

CADEG Benfica

The Centro de Abastecimento do Estado da Guanabara ( CADEG ), in Benfica, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. As a gift to one of the city’s greatest intangibles, the mayor at the time Eduardo Paes signed a decree that gave the place the title of Municipal Market of Rio de Janeiro and also announced that, after the demolition of the Perimetral Elevated, in the Center, a smaller version of the old municipal market that operated for decades in Praça XV.

Before being transferred to Benfica, the merchants who supplied markets and restaurants in the city occupied Largo de Moura, next to Praça XV. With the construction of the Elevado da Perimetral, in the 1950s, the space was demolished – only the building that now houses the Albamar restaurant remains – and the Benfica neighborhood was chosen for the construction of the new Supply Center, founded in 1962.

How to Get to CADEG

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